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The best synthetic urine for a drug test in 2019 is the same what it was in 2018, its called Sub Solution Synthetic urine, it’s manufactured by Clear Choice. I have passed a couple of drug test with Sub Solution and it never failed me. Quick Luck is clear Choice’s new product its actually even better than Sub Solution, but the difference is almost nothing so I wouldn’t advise you to pay the extra $20 for it.

I would highly recommend for all kind of tests even if its supervised (there are other alternatives as well). Many say Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine, the latest formula is the best synthetic urine, but its false, that’s one thing that Quick Fix contains Urea and Uric acid, but it doesn’t contain other essential chemicals and it doesn’t come with heat-activating powder which makes the “urine heating process” super simple. Quick Fix synthetic urine also has a slightly unnatural greenish color, it doesn’t smell like real urine and it doesn’t have any foam. Most lab assistants don’t check your sample closely, but if they do, you are in big trouble.

Sub Solution is a clear winner here, and I bet it will be in 2020 as well if you are looking for the best synthetic urine look no further. One thing I really like in Clear Choice urine brands is they keep updating their formula. They follow the trends and addjust theire products accordingly. Sub Solution, Quick Luck, Rescue Cleanse and Oral Clear are all excellent products with very high success rate.

Before Buying…Check Out Some Synthetic Urine Reviews

I say the best synthetic urine is Sub Solution, but probably some would disagree with me, that’s why its important to check out as many synthetic urine and detox product reviews as possible, everybody has different opinion, what works for some might won’t work for others, and the most important thing is, the net is full of paid blogs and, fake reviews.

These blogs/bloggers get some commission after every bottle of fake urine, that’s why these reviews are so flawless, if something sounds too good to be true, then its probably not true. Do not risk your freedom because you are lazy and you want to get over this shit as fast as possible. Read reviews on Amazon, on blogs and of course on youtube. There is a lot of great video on synthetic urine for a drug test. I highly recommend Micheal Boron’s youtube channel and his Sub Solution synthetic urine review:

He has many videos regarding drug testing and marijuana, but there are other excellent channels as well. You should check the videos views cunt, subscribers, likes-dislikes ratios and most importantly check out the comments. You can find so many useful information in the comment section. Again, be careful, because there are many fake/bot generated comments, do let yourself fooled.

Best synthetic urine is never the cheapest

People are always looking for the cheapest options from everything, synthetic urine and detox products are no different, but guys, you should understand that quality comes with a price, do not expect much from synthetic urine which costs 19$ shipping included, that’s probably crap. Would you risk your job or even your freedom just to save $50-60? It sounds dumb, but many still keep doing that. This is the reason why unreliable stupid home remedies for drug test are still popular, just to name a few:  Green Tea, Palo Azul, Cranberry juice, niacin, baking soda, cream of Tartar and of course Sure Jell.

If for some reasons sub solutions wouldn’t be available, the second best synthetic urine is Quick fix and the third best is probably Monkey Whizz if Sub Solution is not available use these, but for lab tests, I strongly recommend Sub Solution or Quick Fix. None of them available in headshops or gas station, you have to order them from test negative. They are authorized retailers of Clear Choice products.

synthetic urine for drug

You can also give Mega clean detox drink, Rescue cleanse 32Oz or Ultra Eliminex a try or if you are looking for permanent detox, then Toxin rid detox pills is probably the fastest and safest way to get clean for a drug test, but again, these options are  not cheap, Mega clean costs 69$ and it masks toxins in your system for up to 5 hours, Toxin Rid detox starts from 70$ and the most expensive, 10 day detox program costs almost $200.