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There are 4 major ways to pass a urine drug test: synthetic urine, detox pills, home remedies such as Certo and Niacin and detox drinks. I have reviewed synthetic urine in my previous article. I thought it was high time to write a proper detox drink review. What are the best brands, how to use them and what are the most important things you should keep in mind when you are using detox drinks for a drug test.

How A Detox Drink Work

There is some confusion around detox drinks. Most people say they actually detox you, but it’s not true. These drinks are just masking solutions, temporary solutions, after 4-5 hours your urine is dirty again. It’s not a problem at all because they work, but do not expect miracles from them. Also If you are a heavy smoker, I would suggest synthetic urine instead. Instructions for detox drinks are usually the same. Stay away from toxins for a minimum of 1 day (the more the better), drink the solution 1-2 hours before the test, refill the empty bottle with cold water once or twice and drink it. After drinking it, you should urinate 2x before the test. Toxins should leave your system with that urine and the next should be clear of toxins. To avoid watery, diluted urine, every detox drink comes with additional vitamins, to make your urine look natural.

Drug Detox Drinks That Do Not Work

There are many brands on the market, that are complete crap. They have very good PR, they are professionally designed, but none of them are good enough to pass a basic drug test. Some of them are relatively old, and they used to work, 5-10 years ago, but since then their, formula was not updated, therefore I can not recommend them. These detox drinks are:

  • Jazz total detox
  • Magnum Detox drink
  • Qcarbo
  • Rescue Detox Ice
  • Stinger Detox
  • Champ Flush Out Detox
  • And many more..

I wanted to list the most popular ones only, there are many more! I have not tested all, I am not saying I used all of them and failed with them, because its a lie, but I have tested some at home with home drug tests and I also know guys who have failed with these products before. I would also recommend to check out some detox drink reviews online, what people say about one product. Its essential when you are buying ANY product online.

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Best Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

Luckily there are some good reliable brands on the market that can get you through a drug test easily. Remember, always buy the biggest and strongest version from every detox drink. Do not try to save a few dollars because it’s not worth it. Also, try to stay away from toxins as long as possible. The lesser the toxins in your system, the better you chance to pass the test because if you are a heavy smoker and your system is full of drug metabolites, it’s very hard for the detox drink to mask all those toxins.

My recommended brands are Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse 32Oz, Mega Clean and Quick Clear detox. These four detox drink work, I have tested all of them and their online reviews are also excellent. None of them are cheap, they are in the $50+ range, but if your job or your freedom is on the line, 50$ is not a big investment.

You can buy Mega Clean at Walmart and big stores, but I would not recommend it. If you buy it from Testclear (for slightly more expensive) they will give you 6 toxin rid detox pills. Toxin Rid is the strongest and best detox pill you can get. These pills would eliminate as many toxins as possible, so the detox drink will have a much easier job to mask the remainings.

It’s always a good idea to use some kind of detox pills 1-2 days before your drug test. You should also do natural detox as long as you can. Just a few things to mention: drink as much water as you can, do sports or anything that make you sweat, because sweating help to get rid of toxins, eat healthily, avoid fast foods and heavy fatty meals. Do not drink alcohol, coffee, and sugary drinks.

If you follow these simple steps and pick one of the recommended detox drinks, you will pass your test it’s almost guaranteed.